Luxury retail, meet Workflow, Hardware and UI

Overview: The booming luxury retailer streamlined their business processes including: purchase ordering, receiving and improving workflows in their busy photography studio.

"You've literally saved me hundreds of man hours."

- Happy Stakeholder

Jumpstarting the Process

We started by talking to stakeholders to establish business goals and timelines. We also interviewed domain experts and process owners to understand their workflows and existing technology constraints.

Sketches offered up fresh ideas and reworked broken workflows.


The new purchase order template allows Buyers to quickly complete orders and submit them online.


The updated receiving workflow speeds up receiving and gets product on the retail floor faster.

Photo Studio

We designed a new workflow for Totokaelo’s in-house photo-studio.

Wireless barcode scanners expedite the tagging of all the items used in a single photo. SKU’s were captured in the images’s metadata. When the images are uploaded to the website, the data is used to gather all the related products in a given shot. The meta-data eliminated redundant data-entry for both the studio and website teams.


Smarter encoding fixed corrupt barcodes and allowed them to be printed on smaller labels.