Rich Relevance

User Research and Design for Retail Recommendations Engine

Enterprise Customers

You’ve probably had a shopping experience driven by RichRelevance’s recommendation engine. Their customer list is a who’s who of e-commerce giants and specialty retailers.

Rich Relevance’s service team works closely with customers to deploy and configure their recommendations engine.

The design challenge was to integrate a suite of several stand-alone applications and create a single user experience, that customers could manage without requiring help from the RichRelevance support team.

User Interviews

End-users, domain experts were interviewed to gather requirements prior to design. We prioritized use cases and captured pain-points.

Systems Analysis

The existing software received in-depth analysis of its navigational structures and information architecture.


Information architectures were merged, workflow patterns streamlined, and navigational menus redesigned.

Operations and development teams collaborated with design, providing industry expertise and insights, helping to refine the designs.

E-Commerce Analytics

After wrapping design on RichRelevance Recommended, we designed an analytics panel for RichRelevance customers that provides real-time performance and configuration tools.